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We are a team of people dedicated to streamlining the process of connecting families and providers. Care coordination for early intervention and pediatric health providers is an inefficient and burdensome process.  Case managers can spend more than 50% of their day sending faxes, finding translators, and delivering documents.  Families often fatigue from this process due to language barriers, transportation, and technology. 95% of low-income families report accessing the internet via a mobile device, while less than 1% report having access to a fax machine. 

Our Mission


families and individuals virtually to early intervention and pediatric providers in their community through a multilingual, contactless platform.


equity and access to early intervention programs that can improve the lives of vulnerable families.


time spent by families and providers on paperwork and communication barriers

Our Story

How We Got Started

When working as a consultant in grant-funded early childhood programs which serve resource-poor families, Shay Cantner observed as families and providers struggled through a maze of paper applications, fax machines, phone calls, snail-mail, and in-person appointments in order to receive benefits and access programs to improve their lives and increase their self-sufficiency.  

Shay imagined a system that would modernize and simplify the way that families and providers could access the network of services available to them.

Where We Are Now

Engagement Solutions Pilot Program is up and running.  Our waiting list is growing and we are excited to give pediatric and early intervention providers a chance to drive the industry into the 21st century!

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